Poesi & Noveller

In another life

skriver bara för att få fram en känsla.


He just stared at her without words. He had nothing to say to her, nothing of truth that would make her feel better. She was looking back at him with innocent eyes, waiting for he’s replay, but his words had got stocked in his throat. He managed to smile at her and keep his tears back as he gently stroked her on her arm.

“Of course I’ll be back, maybe not tonight though.“ He said, short on his sentences.  He was crouching before her to be face to face.

“When?” She asked with sadness, unable to hide it. He didn’t want to see her like that and he felt panic rising up inside of him. He would rather kill himself than seeing her cry. But that was a stupid thought, all she ever wanted was him, so how could he think like that. But it wasn’t far away from the truth anyway. He had no idea of what was to come. The panic was starting to show in his hands as he stroked her faster. His fingers was trembling and gripping her as if she was about to disappear. This little girl that he loved so much. What could he do? He didn’t know better than to lie to her.

“It’s alright, just be a good girl and wait for me.” He said, maybe able to fill her with some hope. The girl looked at him with big eyes, telling that she wanted him to tell her, let her know everything but most of all just stay. His little girl that he loved more than anything. He knew that he had to leave, he couldn’t  sit there with her forever. Pulling all of his emotions back, he stood up.

“You have to go inside now.” He said, unable to face her.

“But dad!” her weak voice said. He stood still to listen to her but only felt how she was gripping the end of his sleeve.

“You haven’t given me a hug yet.” She said. He lowered his eyebrows and pressed his teeth together. This was for her, so that she could live. Otherwise he would never leave her like this.

“Promise me that you will be a good girl then.” He said without looking at her.

“I will, I do promise!” she said.  Quickly he turned around to embrace her. The little girl, almost disappearing in his armful. He closed his eyes and sighed.

In another life, in another life, we will always be together. He thought.

(brukar aldrig skriva på engelska så om de finns stavfel så försök att se förbi dem)